Friday 17 August 2012

Google now offer 30 top-level domain (TLD) options, including 22 ccTLDs.

Google* announced today that businessses signing up for Google Apps without a domain name can now register a domain directly as part of the Google Apps process. The new domain comes configured with all Google Apps services, including Gmail for your custom email addresses ( Your domain will be registered with

Here is the full list of TLDs now available when you sign up for Google Apps:-

GlobalAsia-PacificLatin AmericaEurope is an imprint of Key-Systems GmbH a European based registrar in operation since 1998. The overall trading group Keydrive is Luxembourg registered. They operate in excess of 6 million names for 300,000 customers worldwide. Ironically this then makes the name GoDaddy sound somewhat prophetic ;-)

Read the full release on the Google Enterprise blog

*GOOGLE is a trademark of Google, Inc.

Monday 6 August 2012

Google Rules Ok !

As confirmed Googlelites :-) we are using Gmail every day and have done since it was introduced, as far back as February 18th 2005. !

The latest video about Going Google totally reaffirms everything that Google stands for in delivering a product that works, that costs less and delivers more than is on the box (without all the small print which usually says this will not work the way you want it to or expect it to and if it does we reserve the right to charge you more simply because it actually does work... )

Many individuals and businesses are married to old style providers and the old style of business where you are penalised at every step of your business process..  but if that is what you want then good luck to you...  meanwhile your competitors are going Google.