Sunday 8 January 2012

NYR's - Own Your Domain...

New Year Resolutions - Own Your Domain (at least)

We are constantly being asked to transfer in domain for clients and always come up against the same problem, the Owner is not You !!!

There are a number of elements to a domain record;-
  • the Owner
  • the Admin Contact or Admin-C
  • the Technical Contact or Tech-C
  • the Billing contact or Billing-C

the nameservers that actually direct your traffic to a specific location perhaps defined simply by an IP or an actual domain name.

The Admin C is nearly always the person who has been assigned to look after your domain name, this could be an internal person or more often it is your ISP, your Internet Services Provider.

This is fine since the Admin C only responds or only has to become involved when changes are being made to the the domain, changing hosts, modifying nameservers. It is a little like moving house (this is the guy that drives the truck full of furniture)...
if this person cannot be contacted this is where problems start...

When the Admin cannot be contacted or is being awkward then a communication can be sent from the Owner to the Registrar of the domain telling them to make a specific change.

What we often see is that the the company who initially organised the registration make themselves;-
the Owner, the Admin Contact, the Technical Contact and the Billing contact - all of these are fine since most companies prefer to delegate this to their ISP... except for Owner...

You should always be clearly listed as the Owner of your own domain otherwise you have no rights.. with regard to the specific domain, you do not Own it !!!. When you have difficulties then you will have to prove ownership and go through a process that takes time... irritating when your old ISP has died technically or otherwise and you must react quickly.

Bottom line - go to  initially check your record, then go to the specific registrar for your domain, check the results... If you are not listed as the owner then contact the company who handled the registration and tell them to change it pronto...  tell them don't ask them !!

There are a series of rules and regulations governing domain registration that each and every company must comply with, if you have problems use our contact form and we will be happy to advise/assist you.

Our domain registration brand is Rexco... check it out !!