Friday 5 October 2012

Driverless cars approaching - little old ladies head for the hills ;-)

California governor Jerry Brown signed the bill, "SB-1298 Vehicles: autonomous vehicles: safety and performance requirements" The Bill was signed on Sept 25th at Google HQ in Mountain View. California is the third state in US taking steps to make driverless cars eventually legal on roads and highways (not just for testing purpose).

Nevada’s governor signed a driverless car bill in 2011,

As did Florida’s earlier in 2012.

On a serious note driverless cars will revolutionise the lives of thousands and thousands of people who cannot drive for various reasons. People like Steve Mahan...

I have to say I'm with David of Oak Grove, OR on this, he said;- "Can't wait! I'll feel much safer when people who are texting, phoning, eating, web surfing, and putting on makeup, aren't in the driver's seat."

Volvo are also in this space... in this frame it is interesting to note that the passenger is watching the road <g>

Even the political campaign managers are getting in on the act...

Full text and voting from Nevada's passage of the Bill.